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Web Strategies And Identity

It was not that long ago when someone would ask if you had an email address. Today they ask, “What is your email address”?

The same thing has happened with web sites. Web sites have become an integral marketing tool for most companies. And as web sites continue to become more sophisticated, with the ongoing technological developments, the web designer has become a specialist, possessing expertise generally in a few areas - - technology, graphics and/or search engine optimization (SEO).

The challenge that has arisen is in communicating the concept, content, design and development of what a company wants their web site to contain and the web designer’s understanding of the marketing requirements that the web site needs to accomplish.

Think of it this way. You have a desire to build your own home. You talk to a general contractor and he says, with confidence, that he can build you a home. Chances are the home the general contractor builds for you will fail to meet or fulfill your expectations. That is unless you engage the services of an architect.

An architect’s job is to find out all the nuances you want included in your home. How you are going to use the home? What needs to be included? How you see this home reflecting you and your life style.

Once the architect has this information he translates it into language that the general contractor can understand. Then it’s the architect’s job to make sure the general contractor meets and fulfills all the requirements specified.

Understanding and interpreting a company’s marketing needs as it applies to your web site’s concept, content, design and development and translating that information into a language a web designer can use to deliver a web site that fulfills the client’s expectations is just one of the core offerings provided by Osprey innovative marketing.

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